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Alpine Ski VR
16 Dec 2016
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Alpine Ski VR

16 Dec 2016
Rift & Rift S
4.99 USD
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Publisher: Suchworks Ltd
Developer: Suchworks Ltd
Current version: 1.01
Total installed space: 2.54GB
Required space adjusted: 4.54GB


Alpine Ski VR brings the thrill of skiing to your desktop! Alpine SKI VR utilises all the headset’s sensors to recreate an authentic skiing feel. Carefully designed to minimise motion sickness it is guaranteed to bring to you the thrill and excitement of skiing in the comfort of your own home.

You can now use your Touch Controllers as ski poles!
Compete against others with the Global Leaderboards

3 Different Game Types:
Race against yourself or take it in turns with friends to beat the split times!
Choose the best line or your turns will slow you down!
Avoid the obstacles and enjoy the views

Snowparks, extreme cliffs and big airs!
The bigger the trick, the higher the score multiplier!
Land a trick dead on to get a perfect landing!

100km2 of offpiste to ski!
Ride around on the heli and enjoy the view
Fly and land the heli where ever you like

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