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Keep Defending
23 Aug 2017
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Keep Defending

23 Aug 2017
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Publisher: Faster Time Games
Developer: Faster Time Games
Current version: 1.10r3
Total installed space: 1.26GB
Required space adjusted: 3.26GB


Keep Defending is a first-person VR tower defense archery game where you build up your defenses during the enemy onslaught.

Target enemies before they reach your gate and earn gold to set up ever more capable defenses including crossbows, fireball-shooting wizards, brave knights, and more as you try and deal with the approaching hordes in a variety of different environments.

- A host of enemies from Barbarian hordes to Skeleton armies and greater (much greater) dangers.
- A range of defenses for you to employ during play to ensure the enemies don't get through.
- Different scenarios to test your defensive tactics from small villages to large castles and beyond.
- Weather conditions and time of day effects offer additional gameplay challenges.
- Beware boss enemies that destroy your defenses with a single hit.
- Precision scoring: earn higher scores the further away targets are hit.

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