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Lolly Pang VR
17 Oct 2018
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Lolly Pang VR

17 Oct 2018
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Publisher: WISECAT INC.
Developer: WISECAT INC.
Current version: 1
Total installed space: 309.43MB
Required space adjusted: 2.30GB


(2020-12-02) Fixing login problem


Charming Aliens are coming!

Lolly Pang VR is the VR bow game that you defend the cookie factory from the aliens who want to get cookies.
Defeat all the aliens and protect your cookie factory!

You could defeat the aliens by shot the alien body.
You could make some combos which give you more score by aiming balloon.
Other powerful weapons will be given to you.
There are two different modes. (Arcade mode for stage Clear / Survival mode for score competition)

*Arcade mode
- Composed of 5 waves
- Start from lower difficulty
- Tips for each wave
- Special battle with boss alien

*Survival mode
- Heart won't be filled in survival mode
- Score competition mode which can be played forever
- Difficulty increases infinitely

*Configuration and User conveniences
- Various weapons(Bow/Honey gun/Cat laser)
- Various enemies
- Changeable main hand(right/left) option
- Graphic quality(high/mid/low) option

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