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Shooter's Alley
07 Dec 2016
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Shooter's Alley

07 Dec 2016
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Publisher: Shovel Tools Inc.
Developer: Shovel Tools Inc.
Current version: 2.0.3
Total installed space: 310.28MB
Required space adjusted: 2.30GB


Welcome to Shooter's Alley!

- Shoot Pins with Western Style Guns.
- Global and Friend Leaderboards for Top Spot.
- Pumping Music to keep the party going.
- Realistic Physics... Pins will fly.
- FREE Micro Experiences.

How to Play?

- Right or Left Bumper to Change Weapons.
- Look to Aim.
- Right or Left Trigger to Shoot.

Micro Experiences

- Hot Air Balloon Experience featuring the song "The Ultimate Tool" by The Danes.

Featured Music
- D.veloped
- The Danes
- Kid Paradise
- NBA Rhythm Club
- Jamie Miller

Every night after midnight all of the local folk gather at "Shooter's Alley" rooftop party for a little bowling. The creator of this wild game, his friends call him Shooter, added a little twist to make it a bit more exciting. You guessed it... big shiny guns. You better leave the kiddies at home for this one.

Shovel Tools Inc. Team

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