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07 Jun 2017
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07 Jun 2017
Rift & Rift S
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Publisher: Focus VR Ltd
Developer: Mike Kirk
Current version: 2.0
Total installed space: 575.73MB
Required space adjusted: 2.56GB


Classic Mode
Play battleships just how you remember it. Three difficulty levels to beat and place on the leader boards.

Mission Mode
In mission mode you have to take over the seas against the enemy. Each win unlocks more of the worlds seas for you to control.
Now with 2 special moves, Salvo and Spy Plane

Multiple mission types
Sink the Ship
Precious Cargo
Search and Destroy
Survive the onslaught

Play against other rift users, Oculus GO users or your friends and family with the free mobile companion app *Android only* search "salvo focusvr* in the play store.

Set deep under the sea in a advanced command center. You'll get to see sharks, blue whales, octopus, Orca and dolphins

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