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Hatsune Miku VR
12 Oct 2020
Quest & Quest 2
24.99 USD
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Hatsune Miku VR

12 Oct 2020
Quest & Quest 2
24.99 USD
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Publisher: Degica
Developer: Crypton Future Media
Current version: 3.01
Total installed space: 1.05GB
Required space adjusted: 1.98GB


World-famous virtual singer Hatsune Miku invites you to join her on stage in in this VR music game! Simply put on your headset, choose a song, then use your VR controllers to catch the melody symbols flying from the speakers at the back of the stage. But beware the long riff symbols and other challenges that will make it harder to reach the perfect score!

The following songs from popular Hatsune Miku artists are included:
* Stella
* Ievan Polkka
* Singularity
* Amagoi Miseinen
* Sharing The World
* Ghost Rule
* SenbonZakura
* Hibikasi Kei
* Lucky Orb

* Rhythm action game using VR controllers
* Enjoy Miku’s original dance while playing the game
* 2 Miku outfits and 2 glowsticks
* Ten songs with two difficulties for intense dance action
* Music video mode: watch any song from multiple angles with your choice of stage and outfit

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