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Battle for the Mountain Throne
02 Jul 2020
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Battle for the Mountain Throne

02 Jul 2020
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Publisher: Droid Riot
Developer: Droid Riot
Current version: 1.0
Total installed space: 838.87MB
Required space adjusted: 2.82GB


Battle for the Mountain Throne is immersive VR game about Bloody Wars between inhabitants of Mountain Kingdom: Dwarves, Goblins and other deadly cave dwellers.

You will take the role of mighty Hero from Dwarven people, who is ready to crush thousands of enemies both on top of the snowy peak and much deeper in the shade of dungeons to confirm your rights on the Mountain Throne!

There are plenty of battles with enemy hordes and powerful monsters, deadly traps and large, hard to conquer levels in the game.

The Game consists of several battles at different locations with numerous opponents.
Player gets various combinations of weapons, optimal for passing each level, selected from these types:
- handgun,
- battle axe,
- war hammer,
- shield,
- bombs.

Main objective on the level usually is one of these tasks:
- simple victory over all waves of opponents,
- survival for a certain time,
- passing through the level.

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