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16 Jul 2020
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16 Jul 2020
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Publisher: Aura Studios
Developer: Aura Studios
Current version: 1.1.1
Total installed space: 1.31GB
Required space adjusted: 3.31GB


Arrows is a tower defense bow and arrow shooter where you have to defend villages, castles and sacred temples from waves of VIKINGS, KNIGHTS and even some sneaky NINJAS.

Pay close attention to the GIANT TROLLS and GOLEMS. They are very strong!

Teleport around to improve your position and aim for the enemies' heads for better results. Use your powerful CANNON when necessary!

Play through three different regions with more than 30 different types of enemies in some beautifully crafted environments. There are also three difficulties - DAWN (easy), DUSK (normal) and NIGHT (expert) that offer you with 27 unique levels to beat!

Unlock new levels, difficulties and special powers - FIRE and ICE - that will help you beat your high score. Equip your powers before your session starts and use them WITH NO LIMITS during the game.

We really hope you will enjoy your time with Arrows!

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