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Bizarre Barber
26 Feb 2020
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Bizarre Barber

26 Feb 2020
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Publisher: Synesthetic Echo, LLC
Developer: Synesthetic Echo, LLC
Current version: 0.3.2c
Total installed space: 802.87MB
Required space adjusted: 2.78GB


Have you ever wanted to be a hairstylist? Or maybe you just love having fun? Grab your VR controllers, and get ready to snip away! Bizarre Barber is a surreal, fun & fast-moving haircutting experience set on a subway platform.

There were no comfy barber chairs left after the apocalypse, so your eccentric clientele moves chaotically through the colorful worlds, unable to sit still even for a second.

Are your reflexes, creativity and strategy skills strong enough to defeat the United Underground hairiest president?

— 7 unique worlds
— 13 challenging levels
— 5 scissor boosters, including sword-hands!
— flaming mushrooms, flying rats, drunk birds, and other fun obstacles
— Interactive groovy soundtrack
— award-winning design
— no artificial locomotion
— sitting and standing modes
— no tutorials, no buttons: easy, enjoyable and intuitive interactions
— for VR beginners and veterans alike

The development of the game was supported by Oculus Launchpad and NYU Game Center Incubator.

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