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03 Dec 2020
Quest & Quest 2
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03 Dec 2020
Quest & Quest 2
19.99 USD
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Publisher: Caveman Game Studio
Developer: Caveman Game Studio
Current version: 3.9
Total installed space: 9.52GB
Required space adjusted: 12.86GB


*Custom loadout and game mode are finally available!

Contractors VR is a fast-paced military competitive multiplayer VR shooter game, gear up and experience the next-level VR battlefield with lethal weapons and intense firefights.

Features include:
1. Custom contents created by the community
2. Casual and competitive game modes
3. 16 players GroundWar
4. Intense offline and online co-op missions.
5. Challenging zombie survival mode with up to 4 players
6. Over 30 different weapons to choose from
7. World War 2 and Ninja loadout
8. Customizable loadout system
9. Cross-play across Quest and Rift platforms
10. Cross Platform social system
11. Target practice hub area.

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