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Whirligig Media Player
15 Feb 2017
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Whirligig Media Player

15 Feb 2017
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Publisher: phileday
Developer: Whirligig
Current version: 4.761
Total installed space: 2.12GB
Required space adjusted: 4.12GB


Whirligig is an immersive media player for playing png, jpg and multiple video formats. It is designed to playback in mono, over under and side by side:

Supported Formats
All formats have side by side and over under stereo options.

-Equirectangular 90 through to 360.
-Fisheye 90 through to 360.
-Flatscreen (Cinema) with adjustable curve of screen.
-Custom Projection Formats.
Samsung Gear 360
Cube Map
cube3x2 GoPro
Facebook Cube Map 3x2
Facebook Pyramid
GardenGnome Cube Map 3x2
Kodak PixPro SP360
Panasonic A500
Vray Cubemap
YouTube Cubemap

Include input support
mouse, keyboard, Oculus remote and xbox controller.

Choose different cloudscape, cinema room and custom backgrounds.

Watch your films in different environments including a living room, home cinema, drive in cinema, bedroom and planetarium tilted/flat.

Other Features
Save presets.
Bookmark your films for later.
Select different UI for the player.

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