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MarineVerse Cup
24 Feb 2022
Quest & Quest 2
19.99 USD
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MarineVerse Cup

24 Feb 2022
Quest & Quest 2
19.99 USD
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Publisher: MarineVerse
Developer: MarineVerse
Current version: 0.1743
Total installed space: 1.30GB
Required space adjusted: 2.01GB


Sailing is for everyone!

Learn to sail, race in iconic sailing locations, try & master various sailboats.

MarineVerse Cup is a competitive VR sailing racing game, that is approachable, but authentic.

We designed MarineVerse Cup for people who enjoy simulation games and want to test their skills in a competitive setting.

Virtual reality is the only platform that lets you sail from the first person perspective ( FPS ) - the way real sailors do. Join a community of VR sailors competing in thrilling sailing races.

* Sailing tutorials for Yacht & Dinghy
* Time trails and Mini Games with Leader-boards
* Intro Daily Race Practice with Leader-boards

Additional "Sailing Pass" required for:
* Multiplayer ( solo & co-op )
* Pro racing
* Waszp

eSports Sailing in virtual reality.

The game is being developed by a small dedicated indie team. MarineVerse mission is to inspire, train and connect sailors, and share the feeling of this amazing sport with a wide global audience.

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