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Sep's Diner
10 Mar 2021
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Sep's Diner

10 Mar 2021
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Publisher: SCALE-1 PORTAL
Developer: SCALE-1 PORTAL
Current version: 10123
Total installed space: 554.05MB
Required space adjusted: 941.44MB


Welcome to Sep's Diner, the new burger restaurant of which YOU are the Chef! Will it really become the best burger in town? It's up to you now!
Level after level, your experience will increase as well as the number of your gourmet customers. They are in a hurry, so make it quick to satisfy them before they leave!
Hungry and impatient, they won't let you make a mistake... Be attentive and precise, to make the best possible profit!

Including a brand new UI and weekly challenge!

Game Features :
· 3 restaurants
· 4 game modes included : Timed, Relaxed, Infinite, Multiplayer
· 27 levels included per restaurant (12 for timed/relaxed, 3 for Multiplayer)
· Co-op multiplayer up to 4 players
· Intense and thrilling levels!
· Immersive audio ambiance
· Impatient customers with fun voices
· Beautiful scenery and colored lights
· Increasing difficulty level after level
· More than 30 different combinations for burgers recipes!
· Burgers, Kebabs, Pancakes, donuts, waffles, ice creams and more!

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