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Titans of Space PLUS
24 May 2016
Rift & Rift S Quest & Quest 2
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Titans of Space PLUS

24 May 2016
Rift & Rift S Quest & Quest 2
9.99 USD
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Publisher: DrashVR LLC
Developer: DrashVR LLC
Current version: 2.6.0
Total installed space: 1.94GB
Required space adjusted: 3.94GB


Just how big is big? Discover the answer as you tour through this holographic miniature Solar System, then venture beyond to visit some of the largest known stars.

☆ Rated 5/5 by UploadVR • "This project belongs on every headset and comes with the highest recommendation I’ve ever given VR software."
☆ Nominee for UploadVR's "Best Quest Game/Experience of 2019"

In this newly-upgraded experience, you can:

★ Take your time with a guided tour:
• This tour stops at every planet, the major moons and dwarf planets, and other huge stars!

★ Spacewalk in the Zero-Gravity mode:
• Give your favorite moon a hug!

★ Let your knowledgeable Tour Guide talk your ear off:
• Two hours of fact-checked content! (Note: voice and subtitles are English only at this time)

★ Share a quick tour with family & friends:
• Choose your tour using the map.

★ Feel comfortable & immersed:
• Innovative comfort mode for those sensitive to motion, easy-to-use dashboard controls.

Quest Cross-Buy: ✓

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