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FigureOut VR
11 Mar 2021
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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FigureOut VR

11 Mar 2021
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Publisher: Daniel Ali
Developer: Daniel Ali
Current version: 1.0
Total installed space: 112.10MB
Required space adjusted: 75.86MB


Use the given Figures to fill the empty Fields . Use the Touch Controllers or the Game Menu to control the music.
Full Room-Scale with different zoom stages.
Just fill all the empty wood blocks with the given figures to advance to the next level.

Please copy your music files by making a new folder called figureout inside the music folder.

- 100 Levels
- Easy to pickup
- Use your own Music
- Full Oculus Touch controller support
- Dark and light background to choose from (B/Y Button)
- Different scale sizes
- Two different difficulties

Controller Mapping:
A/X Button: Open menu
B/Y Button: Dark/Light Background
Use both Grab Buttons to control the camera
Both Joysticks:
Up/Down: Scale scene
Press: Play/Stop Song
Right/Left: Next/Previous Song
Press both Trigger Buttons when a level is solved to quickly advance to the next level

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