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exVRience Golf Club
15 Mar 2021
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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exVRience Golf Club

15 Mar 2021
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Publisher: exvrience
Developer: exvrience
Current version: 1
Total installed space: 1.36GB
Required space adjusted: 1.11GB


Play a round of Golf on the Oculus Quest using your controller as the club.
Play 18 holes at the custom designed Cave Lakes course. Get on the Leaderboard and compete in tournaments or take some swing practise on one of the ranges. Bonus 9 hole chip challenge located on the Moon!

• 18 Hole Golf Course with rivers and lakes
• Leaderboards and Tournaments
• Option to play the course mirrored
• 9 Hole Moon Chip Challenge course
• 6 Range Escapes including Beach, Space, Moon, Cliff
• See statistics, adjust green speed and club feel
• Amateur and Pro modes including club angle and swing path
• Enhanced golf mechanics with Draw, Fade and Backspin
• Controller distance and slope indicators
• Explore feature allowing the ability to fly anywhere on the course
• Helicopter Flyovers and Live Satellite views
• Repeated bunker, putting and fairway practise
• Save current progress feature
• Supports two players on local headset

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