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I Expect You To Die 2
24 Aug 2021
Quest & Quest 2
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I Expect You To Die 2

24 Aug 2021
Quest & Quest 2
24.99 USD
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Publisher: Schell Games
Developer: Schell Games
Current version: (ReleaseCandidate_1.0.1_QuestStore)
Total installed space: 1.18GB
Required space adjusted: 1.26GB


The encore to I Expect You To Die is here...

Welcome back, Agent! Zoraxis believes you are dead. To capitalize on this moment, we are sending you deep undercover to explore some diabolical intelligence the Agency has received regarding Zoraxis’ move for world domination. Here’s what we can tell you now...your first mission is to protect the prime minister, who is attending a theater production featuring world-famous actor and celebrity John Juniper.

Agent, we need you to:
→ Use your ever-present power of telekinesis to solve puzzles, escape dangerous situations, and manipulate objects
→ Go undercover using disguises to figure out exactly what Zoraxis is up to
→ Not die

What to ‘Expect’ in I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar ( know 💀):
✦ Embark on six new missions
✦ Immerse yourself in a super spy story
✦ Start your adventure with a new 360° intro sequence
✦ Meet John Juniper, voiced by Wil Wheaton
✦ Play in comfort
✦ Get more of everything

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