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Grid Ball
25 Oct 2021
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Grid Ball

25 Oct 2021
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Publisher: SuperAppli Inc
Developer: SuperAppli Inc
Current version: 1.55
Total installed space: 225.23MB
Required space adjusted: 181.54MB


GRID BALL has been updated, coming with a brand new game mode and visual updates!

New game mode! Repel a myriad of BITs that relentlessly attack the player.
It's a fast-paced game mode with high emphasis on action. Combine numerous PERKs and devise your own strategy to protect the GRID from the invading BITs!
Leaderboards are also included, aim for the 1st place in the rankings!

Updated visuals!
Destroy all BITs in a grid as efficiently as possible.
It's a simple game mode with light action and puzzle elements.
Aim to complete all missions in GRIDs that have become more realistic than before!

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