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VR Tablet PC
24 Dec 2021
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VR Tablet PC

24 Dec 2021
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Publisher: Kim Yong Bum
Developer: VR Tablet PC
Current version: 0.1
Total installed space: 3.27GB
Required space adjusted: 5.27GB


Attention : VR Tablet PC supports keyboard input in English, Japanese and Korean.

What are you using a VR device for? Just for entertainment?

Suppose you need to add a handwritten signature or drawings to an electronic document, and you only have a desktop PC and a mouse.

Besides, you don't have a tablet PC, pen type digitizer, camera, or scanner.
If so, do you have to buy them additionally?

If you have a VR device, you don't have to.
You can use VR Tablet PC to perform the above actions in virtual space.

So you can draw or write with any app you want.
And, edit it with another app.
And, attach the images, that has been edited, to another app to use.
All of the above tasks can be batch-processed in virtual space using VR Tablet PC.

If so, wouldn't that be a sufficient reason to use the VR device as a necessity?

If the work area cannot be seen well on the screen due to the limitation of resolution,
touch input work can be performed by enlarging only this part separately.

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