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Ultrawings 2
03 Feb 2022
Quest & Quest 2
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Ultrawings 2

03 Feb 2022
Quest & Quest 2
19.99 USD 24.99 USD SAVE: 20 %
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Publisher: Bit Planet Games, LLC
Developer: Bit Planet Games, LLC
Current version: 1.0
Total installed space: 1.89GB
Required space adjusted: 3.42GB


Ultrawings is back and it's bigger and better than ever! Return to the skies in 5 all-new aircraft as you complete hundreds of missions across a beautifully stylized, island-themed world!


Our ground-breaking motion control system returns! Use your virtual hands to fully interact and control your aircraft.


You'll be unlocking new gameplay throughout the 40 - 60 hour game! One minute you'll be dogfighting enemy bogies in a WW2-era warplane and the next you'll be popping balloons with a dart pistol in the Ultralight. Up to 8-players online multiplayer too!


-- Pilot 5 unique aircraft (including a helicopter!) using your virtual hands for an incredibly immersive experience!

-- Explore all-new, hand-crafted islands. Each island is about 3x larger than the ones in Ultrawings!

-- The world is teeming with life!

-- Fly during day, night, dusk, and overcast conditions.

-- 8-player multiplayer!

Welcome back to Ultrawings, Pilot!

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