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MOON VR Video Player
10 Mar 2022
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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MOON VR Video Player

10 Mar 2022
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
9.99 USD
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Publisher: InnoVision
Developer: InnoVision Inc
Current version: 2.7.3
Total installed space: 679.94MB
Required space adjusted: 1.08GB


Play everything: Compatible with every video formats and every codec, Moon VR Player plays whatever video you throw at it
- High resolution videos: Support UHD, 4K, 8K and 12K playback
- Stereo modes: 2D, 3D Side by Side, 3D Top Bottom, Flat, 180°, 190°, 200°, 220°and 360°
- Auto recognition: Automatically detect the correct format and configure to correctly play the file
- A full list of supported formats: webm、mkv、flv、vob、ogv .ogg、drc、gif、gifv、mng、avi、av1、MTS, .M2TS, .TS、mov .qt、wmv、yuv、rm、rmvb、viv、asf、amv、mp4 .m4p .m4v、mpg .mp2 .mpeg .mpe .mpv、mpg .mpeg .m2v、m4v、svi、3gp、3g2、mxf、roq、nsv、flv .f4v .f4p .f4a .f4b

Stable, fluid, and smooth: Farewell to latency and lengthy loading times.
- Hardware acceleration
- Advanced decoding algorithm
- Minimal resource usage

Uninterrupted 3D immersion: Watching 3D can get problematic, but not here with us.
- Repair ghosting: Remove faulty ghosting so you can enjoy the video as it is
- Auto focus: No more blur or double vision, especially when viewing close objects
- Auto IPD adjustment: Enjoy better comfort as headset settings will automatically align with your personal interpupillary distance

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