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24 Mar 2022
Quest & Quest 2
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24 Mar 2022
Quest & Quest 2
19.99 USD 24.99 USD SAVE: 20 %
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Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: Firepunchd Games
Current version: 1.1.10
Total installed space: 2.18GB
Required space adjusted: 914.80MB


Inhabit the giant body of a mighty-yet-mild tentacle monster raised by the quirky townsfolk of La Kalma, a remote island colony packed with puzzles!

Tentacular is a heart-warming physics-based puzzler bursting with inventive, immersive VR gameplay and lots of humor. Solve puzzles using playful tools to build strange contraptions and spectacular structures, or wreak havoc with your lumbering bulk!

Most importantly, experience a sweet and funny adventure about figuring out where you came from, and where you belong.

* Enjoy a lengthy VR experience with a playtime of over 10h
* Experience over 50 levels filled with puzzles, action, adventure and humor
* Many comfort settings allow you to move around in roomscale, standing or seated mode.
* Complete 35+ achievements
* Continue your adventure in the Sandbox Mode

"Tentacular is a must-have for any fan of puzzlers" 6DOF - 9/10

"It’s a miniature miracle unlike anything else in VR" UploadVR - Recommended

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