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Chess VR
17 Mar 2022
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Chess VR

17 Mar 2022
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
9.99 USD
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Publisher: Suplife Games
Developer: Suplife Games
Current version: 3.05
Total installed space: 419.75MB
Required space adjusted: 809.67MB


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Brave chess players, unsheathe your sword and commence a medieval duel on the chessboard!
Immerse yourself in the medieval castle or the pixel-style arena to achieve multi-scene travel.Try to interact with pieces and personages, something interesting might occur. Of course, you can challenge our knights and heroes, the iron throne awaits the conqueror!

Function Update
1. Hand Tracking
2. Avatar & Voice Chat

Core Features
- 8 AI levels
- Online mode: Friend Room; Playing with mobile or vr opponents
- 4 scenes: Medieval Castle & Pixel-style & Space & Japanese-style room
- Review and analysis of chess moves
- 1000+ puzzles
- Fight animations and sound FX
- Both Hand tracking and Touch controllers are supported!

We will constantly optimize and update to bring you a better experience. Avatars, voice IP are on the way. Feel free to leave feedback in comments.

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