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28 May 2020
Quest & Quest 2
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28 May 2020
Quest & Quest 2
29.99 USD
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Publisher: GolfScope Inc.
Developer: Golf Scope Inc.
Current version: 703
Total installed space: 1.63GB
Required space adjusted: 1.50GB


***QUEST 2 ONLY***
We're really sorry, but full course will only work on the Quest 2.

GOLF+ is the ultimate VR Golf experience. Play real world courses with friends, hangout at Topgolf for a night of music and games, or enjoy our epic putting courses with Pro Putt.

- Modern clubhouse
- Range and practice area
- Alpine mountain course
- Cliffs ocean course
- Valhalla Golf Club - Louisville, Kentucky
- Wolf Creek Golf Club - Mesquite, Nevada (IAP)
- Callaway clubs
- Multiplayer

***Below is available on Quest 1***

Throw on some music and smash some drives at this one of a kind Topgolf venue! Join public games or host your own private lounge where you and 7 of your friends can hang out for hours. Want some sun? Enjoy our epic Pro Putt putting courses!

- All your favorite Topgolf games
- Multiplayer
- Various Topgolf venue games like corn hole
- Beautiful putting courses to help you escape
- Competition to match your skill level
- Achievements and leaderboards for bragging rights!

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