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Castle Capture
20 Sep 2022
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Castle Capture

20 Sep 2022
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Publisher: Moonstar Games
Developer: Moonstar Games
Current version: 1.0.1
Total installed space: 2.31GB
Required space adjusted: 4.31GB


Will you join Mighty Crusaders or Legendary Jannisary. Whichever side you choose, there will be a challenge waiting for you.
Castle Capture is also available for Quest Applab.
Castle Capture is an action-packed archery game. Your aim is to capture enemy castles on your own. There are two sides you can choose from.
The Crusaders, the ironfist of the western civilizations summoned against common foes in order to secure control of holy sites considered sacred. Crusades successfully extended the reach of Western civilization, brought wealth, heightened interest in learning and paved the way for the Renaissance.
The Ottomans, a Turkish Tribe established in 1299, quickly grew into a large empire. With is highly disciplined and fearless infantry along with well-educated and intelligent officers, they became fearsome among the rivals of their time. The lastest encounter between the Crusaders and Ottomans took place in 1699.

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