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THS: Time Has Stopped
19 Jan 2023
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THS: Time Has Stopped

19 Jan 2023
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Publisher: Tetrox Limited
Developer: THS Team
Current version:
Total installed space: 2.23GB
Required space adjusted: 4.23GB


Time Has Stopped is a single-player vehicular shooter with an automatic time dilation.

Drive through colorful realms, meet the minions and beat their bosses.
The game is built for movement and maneuver, but if you're in a bind, just stop and assess.
The game will wait for you.

While you're a tank, you're not a tank and die from a single penetrating hit.
Deflect enemy shells by positioning your armor, evade them or destroy them mid-flight.

Good news, most enemies die from a single hit too.
Bad news, they also have armor, so aim carefully over long distances at them... or just spam shells.

THS doesn't limit you in power, the main gun has infinite shells and is more than enough to complete the whole game.
But, of course, there are five interesting sidegrades to switch to when the opportunity arises. And the sixth, forbidden one.

Bosses will require a different approach.
Each shell costs you time and bosses won't give you a lot of leeway.

But a single-player game is to be enjoyed, not suffered through.
So, not only we have difficulty levels, but we also have cheats.
You'll have to remember the button combos yourself, though, otherwise it'll be cheating.

Our levels are full of secrets, even the tutorial one.
And many more levels are being polished up to your standards as we speak.

Jump in!

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