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Flight 74
23 Jan 2023
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Flight 74

23 Jan 2023
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
29.99 USD
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Publisher: TAS Systems Corp
Developer: TAS Systems Corp
Current version: 3.0.46
Total installed space: 1.55GB
Required space adjusted: 2.93GB


Featured as one of the best 50 Games on Quest!

- Updated Graphics and improvements for Quest 3!
- The long awaited V 3.0 update has released! Fly with your hands and lose the controllers!

Do you have what it takes to survive and become the ultimate pilot?
Fly missions for the cartel and experience a new genre of VR Flight Simulator, exclusively for the Quest.

Your plane has experienced engine failure and you're forced to land at an unmarked runway off in the distance. Unfortunately for you, the runway is operated by a notoriously dangerous South American Cartel. Your only chance for survival is to work with the cartel and prove your worth.

- Complex missions that will keep you thinking.
- Interactive cockpit. Flip switches, press buttons, and manipulate levers with your hand.
- Make use of your belongings in the cockpit including sun glasses, coffee, and a hand gun.
- Solve puzzles in a flight game!
- Movie style campaign and missions
- 7 Airports and over 2,000 square miles of scenery
- Explore vast landscapes

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