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20 Feb 2020
Quest & Quest 2 Rift & Rift S
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20 Feb 2020
Quest & Quest 2 Rift & Rift S
19.99 USD
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Publisher: Odders Lab
Developer: Odders Lab
Current version: 1.9.77
Total installed space: 1.01GB
Required space adjusted: 939.87MB


OhShape is a VR rhythm game offering a unique way of moving your whole body. Dodge obstacles, punch walls and make fun poses to get through each map. Play with the coins and be the star of your own show!

-Custom songs officially supported-

-Caravan Palace Music Pack sold separately-

Without realizing it, you'll be working out like you’ve never done before, and you will just want more and more. Enjoy the feeling, and sweat it out!

OhShape is fun for all the family. With 4 difficulty levels and a lot of gameplay settings, you can customize the experience to your skills and you will see great improvements with practice.

Key features

• Fun and great workout for your whole body
• 32 handcrafted maps with 4 difficulty levels
• Party Mode: play and compete with your friends and family
• Practice Mode: practice level sections to perfection!
• Workout Challenge for the most active players!
• Custom songs support with a very easy to use level editor
• Cross-platform online leaderboard

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