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Slum Ball VR Tournament
24 Sep 2018
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Slum Ball VR Tournament

24 Sep 2018
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Publisher: U24 Solutions
Developer: U24 Solutions
Current version: 1.1
Total installed space: 3.89GB
Required space adjusted: 5.89GB


Slum Ball is a physics-based paddle ball game with an objective to collect as many points as possible. Slum Ball is a fun way to exercise and gain coordination without even realizing it!


- photorealistic levels
- awesome tournaments
- fun combined with physical activity
- changing gameplay and physics

Four different gameplays:

- Smash water canisters in a sewer tunnel to get as many points as possible
- Crush flower pots all over the streets to collect points
- Smash the paintshop walls and paint them in a creative way
- Test your precision with balls and trash cans in photorealistic street levels
- At the end of each level, you need to survive a couple of surprises!

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