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Voxel Fly
15 Nov 2018
Go Samsung Gear VR
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Voxel Fly

15 Nov 2018
Go Samsung Gear VR
3.99 USD
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Publisher: Čeněk Štrichel
Developer: Čeněk Štrichel
Current version: 2.5.9
Total installed space: 143.20MB
Required space adjusted: 119.02MB


"It’s fairly intense which makes it a great experience for VR" - AndroidAuthority

Play missions to unlock new machines. Beat the record in this impossible, endless game. Join to the events and become the best in the leaderboards! Avoid of the enemies or simply destroy them. You can choose from many modes:

Explorer - Slow speed with many enemies.
Madness - Mad race with fast speed and less enemies.
Destroyer - Crash them all! Your enemies has no chance.
Attacker - Destroy enemies and objects by fire!
Cannoneer - Just fire!
Horizon - Super speed with left/right turn
Defender - They shall not pass :)

- 70 missions (still growing)
- 30+ machines
- 2 events
- You get several games in the one
- Design your own levels with Customize option
- Set difficulty for all play modes
- 72Hz for stable image
- Set resolution for optimal performance

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