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Ninjutsu Warrior
27 Mar 2018
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Ninjutsu Warrior

27 Mar 2018
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Publisher: Mashmo Games
Developer: Mashmo Games
Current version: 0.2.3
Total installed space: 605.05MB
Required space adjusted: 507.88MB


Slice your way from one temple to the next to achieve a sword fragment that each temple has to offer and to ultimately reach the legendary master Osamu.
Achieve a sword fragment from the Fire, Earth, and Water temples, and you young Ninja, will prove yourself worthy to hold the mighty sword!

Let's begin, young ninja! It’s time to become a master!

New levels and weapons added!

Temples :
- Fire
- Earth
- Water

- Slice your way through 180 levels of increasing difficulty in ‘Classic’ mode
- 60 levels in each Temple to be completed to achieve the reward
- Slice as many projectiles as you can before time runs out in ‘Time Trial’ mode
- Earn coins and purchase new weapons in the store

- Use your Gear VR with the controller to play
- For the best experience, while playing the game, we recommend standing somewhere with enough empty space around you

- Your purchased and earned coins are synced across all Mashmo products

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