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Winter Fury WWII
05 Apr 2017
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Winter Fury WWII

05 Apr 2017
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Publisher: 10th Reality
Developer: 10THREALITY LLC
Current version: 1.2.0
Total installed space: 478.99MB
Required space adjusted: 411.26MB


Take a step back in time to 1944 and drop into the seat of a top secret advanced M-4 Sherman tank designed to spearhead the allied advance.

Pull up your sleeves and take control of this rolling metal fortress as you experience both intense 1st person action and thrilling 3rd person tank battles in this WWII adventure.

To counter the German “Blitzkrieg” the West is sending you, a replacement tank commander with a head of steal and a not so bullet proof resolve. Take your workhorse of a tank behind enemy lines and fire as many cannon shells and .50 caliber bullets your trigger finger can muster. Move through each mission using an arsenal of weapons to fight the toughest troops the 3rd Reich can throw at you.

Steady those hands and hold your breath when firing the sniper rifle.

Desk of Staff Sargent Sr. Isaac Lee

-6 Missions
-Unlock weapons
-Intense soundtrack
-Get ranked based on time and accuracy
-Designed for players with motion sickness

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