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Alone in Outer Space
21 Jan 2021
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Alone in Outer Space

21 Jan 2021
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Publisher: JayVRDev
Developer: JayVRDev
Current version: 1.0
Total installed space: 1.31GB
Required space adjusted: 3.31GB


You’ve awoken in the Medical Bay on board the OTHRYS ISS. No crew. No memories. The spaceship is in complete system failure... Do you got what it takes to survive?

Prove your skills by completing three unique and puzzling escape rooms across a spaceship from the Medical Bay, to the Research Lab and Command Center. Use object manipulation and reasoning to find your way back home. You better hurry though. Run out of time and you’ll be frozen in outer space.


- An immersive spaceship environment designed like real-life escape rooms.
- Unique and varied puzzles across three different, well-designed rooms.
- Cohesive and intelligent puzzles that integrate directly into the story.
- Integrated hints providing you with clues when necessary.
- A countdown clock showing time remaining to complete each room.
- Overall playing time between 50 and 90 min.
- Intuitive controls with two methods of locomotion: artificial and teleportation.

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