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Lost Recipes
27 Jan 2022
Quest & Quest 2
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Lost Recipes

27 Jan 2022
Quest & Quest 2
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Publisher: Schell Games
Developer: Schell Games
Current version: 1.0.1+273175
Total installed space: 586.69MB
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Embrace your inner chef while learning and mastering different recipes across three historically authentic kitchens. Lost Recipes is a satisfying and realistic cooking experience, without the hurry or the clean-up!

+ Cook in traditional kitchens across ancient Greek, Chinese, and Maya civilizations
+ Learn the cooking styles and techniques of those civilizations from ghosts who want to pass down their recipes; move to the next recipe by meeting their expectations
+ Hone your skills as a master chef to earn 5 stars in meal preparation, presentation, and process
+ Enjoy the relaxing nature of this satisfying experience; you are rewarded by taking your time and completing each recipe as accurately as possible
+ Immerse yourself with native-speaking voice actors and the extensive cultural and historical research that makes each kitchen feel as authentic as possible

Bonus! Cook these recipes in your own kitchen with the Lost Recipes cookbook, downloadable at

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