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Power Punch
10 Feb 2023
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Power Punch

10 Feb 2023
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
6.99 USD 12.99 USD SAVE: 46 %
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Publisher: Hong Metaverse Technology Co.,Limited
Developer: HongSports Technology
Current version: 1.1.0
Total installed space: 402.77MB
Required space adjusted: 616.50MB


《Power Punch》is a VR multiplayer connected somatosensory competitive games! A pleasant sense of shock, you can experience the multiplayer boxing at home! The game is easy to operate, and there is only one condition for winning: knock other players out of the arena!
In addition to fighting and training, the wonderful and exciting game mode, with the funny and humorous expression painting style! You can become a top boxer even if you just brandish fists indiscriminately!
It is not only a boxing game with auxiliary fitness, but also focuses on helping you become healthy, simulating the feeling of real fighting and constant movement. Are you a fighter? Boxing is a very dangerous sport, but if you want to experience it, it's better to experience it in VR games! In this way, there is no danger and you can also experience the excitement of boxing! Come to 《Power Punch》to start your boxing life! Make sports more interesting and games more healthy!

Simple operation - Hold the handle and punch!
Strike hard - Please hit hard!
Competition - Fighting experience in the arena!
Tension and stimulation - Stay focused and be careful!
Changeable expression - Head tilted! Spasm! Twisted face!

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