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Track Craft
20 Nov 2023
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Track Craft

20 Nov 2023
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
10.49 USD
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Publisher: Brainz Gamify s.r.o.
Current version: 0.41
Total installed space: 532.04MB
Required space adjusted: 833.64MB


Bend the laws of physics and shape the wildest racetracks ever imagined by turning any ordinary space into an adrenaline-pumping mixed-reality circuit. Let the race begin!


Track Craft Features:

* 3 Unique Track Packs: Enjoy three specially curated bundles, each offering new cars, tracks, challenges, playful aesthetics, dynamic music, and fun surprises.
* Arcade Mode: Conquer over 50 pre-designed levels and unlock all car styles and features.
* New Car Physics: Our revamped car physics ensures every race is an edge-of-your-seat adventure.
* Free Drive Mode: Thanks to Quest 3's room scanning feature, you can roam freely on your room's floors, walls, furniture, pets, kids – you name it!
* Custom Editor: Unleash your creativity with an easy-to-use editor, featuring crafting blocks, gravity-defying pieces and fun materials.
*Community Sharing: Share your custom tracks and compete against other players

Available on Quest 3, Quest Pro, and Quest 2.

Upcoming Features :

* Trackmania-Style Multiplayer
* Manga Style Track Pack: New design, cars, and special pieces.
* Improved Community Levels
* Garage Feature
* Live Multiplayer (2024)

Download Track Craft and experience the untamed thrill of racing beyond the limits of reality.

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