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Omega Blade
01 Apr 2021
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Omega Blade

01 Apr 2021
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Publisher: Manuel Pasamontes Romera
Developer: Manuel Pasamontes Romera
Current version: 2.0.1
Total installed space: 840.35MB
Required space adjusted: 2.82GB


Omega Blade is a fast paced action game that let you test your skills in several kind of challenges.
Each challenge sets a weapons set and match rules, and in each match a rival score will be picked as target to defeat. Try your best and claim the 1st place in each challenge leaderboard.

Multi range combat - Close, middle and lange range combat with flying droids and biped robots.
Full body action - You set your own peace and combat style based on. Decide the way you want to play it.
Challenges - Omega Blade don't set a single infinite wave, but a large number of challenges with different weapons, enemies, life, stage and goals combination to keep surprising the player and provide all kind of new feelings.
Leaderboard - A leaderboard shows your position in each challenge, so you can try to dominate it.
Per match rival - Each time you play a challenge, the system will pick a target rival score, and your main goal will be to overscore it.

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