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Escape from bunker
28 Oct 2022
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Escape from bunker

28 Oct 2022
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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Publisher: Poly Builders
Developer: Poly Builders
Current version: 0.918
Total installed space: 1.79GB
Required space adjusted: 3.25GB


A near future in which mankind is threatened by a falling meteorite! And that to save humanity all are placed in bunkers, which are controlled by artificial intelligence! Something went wrong, and even after the danger has passed, the computer still decides that you have to stay locked up here forever...
- Unique gameplay, use your full play space, to walk around freely and explore each room! Interact with the environment, thanks to well-optimized physics!
- Optimized graphics for stand-alone Quest 2 enjoyment that allow you to enjoy a realistic environment without using a powerful PC
Intuitive gameplay will allow anyone to easily pick up and start finding and utilizing the clues necessary to…ESCAPE FROM BUNKER!

! The game resolution has been increased for Quest 3 !

Update 0.70 (03.17.23) :
— Six new rooms added.
— Added profile selection and automatic control point saving.
— Fixed bug when moving around using controllers instead of the arena.
— And also fixed minor bugs in physics.

Update 0.80 (04.13.23):
- Added 2 new rooms
— Added 5 more languages:
French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese
— Added subtitle option
— Added a more option to customize the control in the passage mode with the controller movement:
— Several bugs in gameplay.

Update 0.915 (10.14.23) :
1.New voice acting for characters
2. Ability to attract items
3. Improved sound + Fixed several bugs

In development :

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