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NightClub Simulator
04 Nov 2022
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
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NightClub Simulator

04 Nov 2022
Quest & Quest 2 App Lab
4.99 USD
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Publisher: mandegames
Developer: mandegames
Current version: 0.36
Total installed space: 1.64GB
Required space adjusted: 2.48GB


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Night Club Simulator is a highly immersive VR game with a great degree of freedom. It uses a fully physics-based animation system to simulate NPC behaviors and reactions, allowing you to interact with them as if you were in the real world. NPCs have realistic AI, displaying emotions such as happiness, anger, fear, or affection. Their emotions will change depending on your actions. You can provoke and fight with anyone, dance and kiss with girls, but be careful when approaching a girl as her boyfriend might be around. Experience a lifelike and interactive night club adventure with Night Club Simulator.

Move--left Joystick
Turn--right Joystick
Grab Objects--left or right Grip button
Open/Close Menu--left menu button
Turn on SlowMotion--Y/B button

there are several ways you can interact with NPC:
1, wave your hand
2, clap hands when npc is dancing, the palm relative and clap
3, shake hand, reach out one hand to npc
4, dancing, the palm up, reach out one hand to a girl
5, hug and kiss, open arms, reach out double hands to a girl
6, drink, hold a cup and reach out hand

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