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ARK Park
22 Mar 2018
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ARK Park

22 Mar 2018
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Publisher: Snail Games
Developer: Snail Games
Current version: 1.06
Total installed space: 19.98GB
Required space adjusted: 21.98GB


NEW Content!
DLC Pterosaur Hill now included.
DLC update includes:
* 3 new exploration maps
* 1 new battle map
* 2 new battle weapons
* 2 new consumable items
* 1 new collecting tool
* 1 new resource
* 14 new creatures
* 8 new subspecies

ARK Park is a virtual reality multiplayer adventure game designed from the ground up to immerse players in a realistic dinosaur theme park. This interactive experience will fulfill your dreams of entering a world where living, breathing dinosaurs still roam the Earth. Freely explore this grand, virtual world where there's no set plot line or schedule. Join your friends in multiplayer park tours to share the thrill of witnessing over a hundred prehistoric creatures up-close and personal.

Game Features:
*Explore the Expansive Scenery of ARK Park with Over 10 Unique Locations.
*Collect Dinosaur DNA, Gather Materials, and Craft Items.
*Raise Your Very Own Dinosaurs.
*Defend Vital Technology.

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